I am Jeanine Malan a grade 11 student from Hoerskool Zwartkop. My passion in life is performing and culinary arts. I want to go study culinary arts and open up my own business in a few years. I take Drama as a subject at my school, and I also did a TV course at Brumilda van Rensburg's Acting Agency. I did multiple competitions last year and received various awards at the: National Eisteddfod Academy, Centurion Art Festival and the Creative Drama Academy. Therefore I have received colours at my school for drama. I also received colours,a trophy and a R1000 scholarship for my academics, because I was one of the top 10 students every term. I also received colours for debate, because our team went through to the nasional round and we won 3 competitions that we entered. I also received colours for culinary because throughout the year I have worked 90 hours at functions that our school organized. I am definitely no sports star but I do modern dancing where I received 95% for my exam. I am a very dedicated and hardworking student. This trip is going to teach me how diverse the world really is, as well as opportunities the world has to offer me.

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